Dunloan is Specialized in Short-term Unsecured Loans

Dunloan is a consumer credit company specializing in small, unsecured loans (SMS loans, quick loans). It is completely free to apply for a loan and there are no lay-up fees the fees only consist of deductible interest.

Card loans offer three loan types

Card loan Bronze

1000 SEK with repayment period 30 -120 days

Card loans Silver

3000 – 5000 kronor with repayment period 30 – 210 days

Card Loans Gold

SEK 10,000 / SEK 15,000 with a repayment period of 6 months to two years. Dunloan’s ambition is to offer its customers the best and cheapest card loans on the market and they have a long history of conveying them. In order to borrow from Card Loans, you must have a taxed income and be without payment remarks.

Advantages of card loan

Advantages of card loan

  • Advantages of card loan
  • Benefits of Card Loans
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All interest rates are deductible, which means that you get a portion of the cost back on the tax.

Card loans take credit information via Bisnode, which means that nothing is registered with UC.

Advantages and disadvantages of short-term loans

Advantages and disadvantages of short-term loans

There is a need for short loans for many different situations. Short-term quick loans are an easy way to gain access to a smaller amount of cash that is needed directly and which the borrower can and wants to pay back as soon as possible.

This type of loan has a higher effective interest rate than long-term loans, but this does not mean that the actual cost of the loan needs to be unreasonably high. A short loan has many advantages, but the price for the quick service means that there are certain disadvantages that are associated with the loan form.

Benefits of Card Loans

Benefits of Card Loans

A quick application process and payment is the biggest advantage of card loans. The loan service provides access to the money needed quickly. For those who are in an emergency and need money directly, it is not possible to wait for the slow handling process that characterizes ordinary bank loans.

Short-term loans provide access to cash in much less time than other types of credit. No security is required to get a card loan. The loan is granted without cumbersome paperwork or certificates that can take time to obtain. Unlike mortgages that have historically been the most common form of small short loans, card loan loans give access to money without the customer having to risk losing things in the event of a sale.

More people get approved on short-term loans. Ordinary private loans mean that the entire decision basis is often based on the figures that are registered with a credit information company. As long as you have a steady income and do not have any other outstanding loans, it is easy to get a shorter loan.

This means that many people who could not qualify for other loans can access credits when they need them. A long-term loan entails a commitment for a long time, perhaps several years. Loans that require repayment over a long period are strenuous, it is simply not fun to see the bill dim down in the letterbox month after month. With a shorter loan it is possible to see a finish around the corner.

Card loans are flexible loans with terms adapted to the customer. It is possible to choose the amount and the repayment period, which makes it easy to sew a loan that suits the current situation.

Disadvantages of short loans

Disadvantages of short loans

The biggest drawback of short-term loans is that the effective interest rate will be higher than long-term loans. In some cases, the price of the service can be experienced as high. However, using effective annual interest rates on a loan that may be repaid after one month will be misleading. It is better to ask if it is not reasonable with a fee of a few hundredths to handle the payment and recovery of a loan regardless of how large the amount is.

A problem with short-term loans that can’t get around but which is more about the borrower’s behavior than the lender is that people take out short-term loans because they have a poor personal finances. They can’t afford all the bills that come and as a result they have to borrow money.

Sometimes, the economic situation does not brighten after just one month and some people who take short credits therefore renew the credits and then it becomes really expensive in the long run. Despite the dangers of short loans, they fulfill a need and for many are the only solution to an emergency situation that might become even more expensive and more difficult if it was not possible to get a small loan quickly and easily.