1000 Euros Loan

At first glance, 1000 Euros may seem like a small sum to many people when they talk about loans. But a $ 1,000 loan can balance a checking account or be the exact amount needed to finance a used car.

Where do you find such loans, which also guarantee terms in which you are actually able to repay the loan? Even people who only have to pay off relatively small loans are interested in maturities that last up to 48 months, so that the rates are not completely above their potential.

The internet platform Kancredit is the right helper in such situations. He provides the necessary loan proposals and informs about the monthly installments that should be paid, but not only that.

1000 Euros

He also gives the APR of each financial institution, informs about the acceptance rates of the loans, says if the loan commitment is immediate and reveals how satisfied previous clients have been with the bank. For this, the tool uses two tools: First, it gives a percentage of how many customers were satisfied with the bank, and second, it calculates that percentage from zero to ten points, indicating once again what the previous ones did Customers thought about the service of the financial institution.

The best offer for a 1000 Euro credit comes from Creditors-Online. At the Internet bank, the monthly installments for the chosen period begin at 22.70 euros. The annual percentage rate is 4.35 percent up to 10.90 percent. The acceptance rate is around 50 percent of the loan applications submitted. The loan is pledged immediately. Customer satisfaction is 85 percent. This is nine out of ten points.

This makes Creditors-Online even worse than Bankate, which comes in second place for a € 1,000 loan. This bank is praised by 93 percent of customers. This corresponds to a value of ten out of ten points. The acceptance rate is 80 percent, and the loan is promised here as well. The annual percentage rate is 4.75 percent in each case. This results in a guaranteed monthly rate of 22.87 percent for a € 1,000 loan.

In the best case, you also get the third-placed Barclaycard. However, here the annual percentage rate can reach up to 17.90 percent. The acceptance rate is slightly higher than 40 percent. Also at Barclaycard the loan is promised directly. The customer’s claim is 91 percent. This also gives this bank ten out of ten points. For those with a fluctuating annual percentage rate, those who apply for the loan on their own, rather than on their own, have a very good chance of getting the loan at a very good rate of interest, provided they meet the other conditions for a € 1,000 loan.

So you get a 1000 Euro credit

So you get a 1000 Euro credit

Even with a 1000 euro credit, the banks have to hedge. Borrowers must therefore be domiciled in the Federal Republic of Germany, be at least of legal age, have a secured credit rating and be able to demonstrate a secured creditworthiness. This is done through a fixed job with a guaranteed salary and the entry in the protection community for general credit protection.